Helen K. Garber

fine art photography

Film/Television 2005-2013

Urban Noir/LA-NY DVD Projection
Central Library, Los Angeles, CA

Academy of Motion Pictures & Sciences, Samuel Goldwyn Theatre

Annenberg Foundation Center of Photography, Century City, CA

LA Noir-Architecture Tour, Hollywood, CA

Farmani Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art, New Paltz, NY

Venice Art Walk, Venice, CA

Electric Lodge, Venice, CA

Sponto Gallery, Venice, CA


FOX NEWS, Coverage of A Night View of Los Angeles at Photo LA

48 HOURS - CBS Television- 3 Images for May 2nd, John Diaz segment
WHAT WOMEN WANT - Image used for set decoration - Helen Hunt’s Office
LEVAR BURTON PROFILE - E Channel taped photo session
DONNY & MARIE - photos shown from PARENTS AT LAST

FREEZE FRAME SAN DIEGO - Travelogue: Co-host, Photo Expert, 
Travel Channel, premiered June 14, ran 18 times.
A Day in LA - Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, L.A., CA
Super 8 film screening, Cinematographer of one segment
Program for Art on Film - Metropolitan Museum of Art/ J. Paul Getty Trust : The Shirley Kaufer Documentary - Inclusion in data base
A Tongue of Their Own - Barnsdall Park Gallery ,Theatre, L.A., CA
Women’s Film and Video Arts Festival Opening video 
The Shirley Kaufer Documentary 
 1991 - 93 
CITY-TV, Beverly Hills-TV, Long Beach-TV
The Shirley Kaufer Documentary - broadcast multiple times
The Shirley Kaufer Documentary , producer/director