Helen K. Garber Fine Art Photography Copyright 2018.  All Rights Reserved. 

Happy Ending, Rescue Horses at Home

This is a book project that combines modern technology with historic process to create classical portraiture using rescue horses as subject matter.

The horses are documented in their adoptive home with a digital camera in natural light.  The image is then manipulated to extract the horse from the background to lay against black and reflect classic portraiture.

We then create a digital negative from the file to make a 22” x 28” platinum  palladium contact print in the darkroom.

It is a tedious process that allows me to use all my talent and experience.  I shot editorial portraiture with film early on in my career and learned how to dramatically light the human figure.   Caravaggio is my original inspiration, with Ruth Bernhard informing my nude studies. 

Here, I replace the human form with that of the horse,  I capture the essence of the animal by sitting quietly with them until they present their inner calm.  

I moved to New Mexico last year specifically to work with horses.  Having two home of my own inspired this series.

The published project will benefit non profit horse rescue organizations.  They save these sensitive creatures from kill pens (sold by the pound for meat) and rehabilitate them from their emotional and physical traumas.    Their mission is to re-home them to loving situations including Equine Therapy organizations.  Equine Therapy is highly effective and can heal depressed adults (veterans and others with PTSD) and autistic children among others.  Horses have far more value to the modern human existence than previously thought.  This project will help educate the public on the importance of the horse in modern society in a beautiful way.

We will be seeking rescue horses to document for this project.  Private commissions will be accepted to help fund this project.

Helen K. Garber

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